Falisha Ball

Hey Sis,

I’m Falisha Ball, Accountant and Tax Strategist, Money Educator and lover of all things financial, all things cash flow,

analytical and spreadsheets.

I am making my mark in the financial space so that undeserved business owners get the knowledge and access to

needed information, in terms of quality and the real deal about business, personal finances and tax strategies.

And yes, my favorite part of what I do is teaching small business owners and entrepreneurs, especially women,

how to transition into legit high-level CEOs.

And what’s more CEO than knowing your money, how to make it work for you and better protecting your profits?

When we hire our kids in our businesses, this is exactly what we do: learn our numbers, understand how to make our

money work for us and better protect our profits in the long run.

And I’m here for it, sis!